ExpertAccounts developed a software solution for HORECA, a system designed to help you maintain the quality of your services at a level as high as possible. The solution is ideal for cafés, bars and restaurants, as it allows to sell products with automatically generated consumption of ingredients at the end of the day.

POS System

Recipes / Assembly

Loyalty Cards

The complete solution that allows you to:

Make quick and accurate sales
Reward your customers with loyalty programs
Ease employees' work
Sell goods and end products at the same POS
Define assembly recipes for food


Flexibile POS
  • POS allows multiple, configurable payment: cash, credit cards, meal tickets.

POS easy to configure
  • POS can work:
  • ⤷ Online, with stock update at the end of the shift, or in real time
    ⤷ Offline, with stock update at synchronization, or at the end of the shift

Sell products that are not in stock
  • The consumer-delivery receipt will be automatically generated at the end of the shift.

Consumption automatically generated according to the recipe
  • With Assembly add-on module, combined with POS, you can define recipes for food and beverages and instructions for preparing them.

Automated decrease of consumption from more locations
  • Production is based on assembly sheet, specifying to make consumption from another location; ingredients that are not in it, are automatically searched in another location.

Ensure customer loyalty
  • With Loyalty Cards add-on module, combined with POS, you can give discounts, change price and add discount value position on the receipt.
  • Choose the customer from the trading partners list and apply price rules (item group discounts, brand discounts, vendor discounts).

How does the loyalty process work ?

  • You may choose to give discounts based on the amount of points , redeem the accumulated points. Other customized loyalty rules can be implemented, too.
  • The loyalty system cards allows you to use your own branded cards or other cards that your customer may have in his pocket, by reading the bar code. You can use a customized card, with company logo and presentation.
  • The system scans the code from any card that the client has in his pocket, or the customized card. Based on the new code, it will be entered into the system customer's name and e-mail address. When your customer returns, for example, in your restaurant, he can accumulate points or get a discount based on that card, which you scan at the POS System.

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