As the Repair Shop add-on module is part of the ExpertAccounts Cloud ERP, it contains only specific operations. Working with the integrated accounting, accurate accounting records are automatically generated.

Repair Shop

The most complete solution for a well-organised Repair Shop, that offers:

Planned activity
Prices differentiated by type of vehicle and type of clients
Real-time information, in order to take the best decisions


You have a full picture
  • Complete service history for each vehicle.
  • Vehicle database (Plate Reg.No., make, model, V.I.N., engine number, mileage etc.).

You have control over your Repair Shop's activities
  • Track issue and return parts from the warehouse to technician
  • Schedule repairs by work boxes, days and hours
  • Job tracking by mechanic

Ensure customer loyalty
  • Hourly labor rates differentiated by type of vehicle
  • Hourly labor rates differentiated by type of clients (customers with fleets, warranty repairs, insurance).
Classification of service labors with normal time
  • Configurable service labors with both time and execution costs.

Repair Shop Activity:

  • Complete check-in of repair orders at front-desk, based on customer, vehicle number, model, V.I.N., kilometres, optionally using existing templates for generating replacement parts orders.
  • Classified list of manual labor customized on auto models.
  • Programming of repairs on days and hours.
  • Assessment of repairs on free shops.
  • Jobs assigned to work boxes and mechanics.
  • Whole history of repairs on one car, including replaced parts, manual labour and technicians.
  • Statistical reports about the mechanics' and work boxes efficiency.
  • Automatic invoicing with preferential prices based on costumer (fleet, insurance etc.).
  • Work done by others and registered in the order.
  • The important operations are executed strictly based on access level rights.

Replacement parts supply:

  • Automated generation of supply chain orders on repair order introduction.
  • Tracking of orders by articles and supply terms.
  • Equivalence between auto parts - variable number of similarities with the original.
  • Automated launch of replacement parts from the warehouse to the workshop.

How the Repair Shop Module works in expertAccounts

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