There are cases where a standard ERP application does not cover all processes in an enterprise, given the fact that they are different from one company to another. Hence the need for a customized solution to meet your organization's needs.

We offer you the ideal solution, depending on your company's size and specific elements of your workflow: ERP installed at your premises, on your server, with all the necessary features for your company's processes.

ExpertAccounts is a fully automated ERP system, able to manage and optimize resources, processes and workflow: manufacturing, sales, distribution, accounting etc. With more than 20 years of experience in the market, ExpertAccounts successfully creates and implements ERP solutions to companies from various industries: manufacturing, distribution, retail, services, agriculture etc.

Specialized ERP System for Your Business

  • Our programmers develop a customized version of the ExpertAccounts platform, tailored to your business - configured according to your requirements.
  • Our specialized staff performs a detailed analysis in order to identify customer's requirements, as well as the required steps in developing the customized application, finding the best solution for your business.
  • The application works on private servers, at your headquarters or in data-center.
  • Users can connect to the application using the Internet, or local network, with any web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • It is suitable for medium and large companies, no matter how complex your business processes are.
  • Both during development and use of the application, we work closely to our customers, to make sure that all expectations are met. We offer dedicated support with a custom SLA.


  • Stability: solutions are based on the ExpertAccounts cloud platform, the sixth generation of ERP technology, launched in 2010, successfully used by thousands of customers from many countries
  • Reduced implementation time - due to the many features that the application already has, plus specific configuration
  • Professional training of personnel given by our consultants, at your premises
  • Reduced learning time - the application has an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Data security - strict control of your data and encrypted SSL communication
  • Allows large volume of data management
  • The system can be integrated with other applications - through interfaces to connect via API

Do you need a tailored made ERP for your business?
Together we can build the best solution for you.

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