Shipping and Forwarding is part of the ExpertAccounts ERP, dedicated to shipping and forwarding companies. The solution is designed to ensure efficient and complete management of the business in general and of all vehicles transporting goods. The solution is integrated with the accounting, in order to have a clear record of your uncollected bills.

ERP shipping and forwarding

ERP for Shipping and Forwarding

Optimize your Shipping/Forwarding company's activity:

quickly and easily make documents
keep record of net income computed by customer, transport / forwarding order and by truck / carrier
properly manage orders and shipping documents
see uncollected and unpaid bills in real time, on your tablet
access data online, anytime and anywhere
have control over the company, see your employees' work

ERP for Shipping - features:

    The main part of the solution is treating each truck as a profit center and allocate shipping orders to trucks and drivers. As for retail shops each branch is a profit center, for shipping, each truck is a profit center.

  • Tracking trucks as profit centers - all expenditure and revenue are highlighted in detail by every truck.
  • Follow-up shipping orders with complete information.
  • Automatic billing of shipping orders.
  • You can attach files to your orders (BOL etc.).
  • Daily tracking of shipping orders with complete information about loading and unloading and contact person.

ERP for Forwarding - features:

  • After the shipping order is received from the customer, it will be attributed to a carrier, with all the information related to the order.
  • Forwarding orders can be recorded as km and price/km, or as a race.
  • The system is automated - customer sales invoice will be automatically issued immediately or at the end of the month, while the system will keep track of unbillable orders.
  • Tracking international forwarding orders and shipping orders with complete information.
  • Automatic billing orders - purchase invoices can be recorded from the carrier on several forwarding orders and several forwarding orders may be issued to the customer at that moment or at the end of the month.
  • Tracking billed and unbilled orders and carrier billing for forwarding orders.
  • Billing in local and foreign currency, based on registered orders.
  • You can attach files to your orders (BOL etc.).
  • Daily tracking of orders with complete information about loading, unloading and contact person.
  • Reports with net income by forwarding orders, agents, carrier and customer.


Cut costs
  • The software does not require any installation
  • There is no need to purchase servers and software licenses

Have control

  • You can view and monitorize users' activity, anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • The application allows you to keep record of drivers' and dispatchers' performance
Effectively manage documents
  • All orders and invoices are in one place
  • Continuously track orders: forwarding or shipping orders specifying the carrier, driver, plate no. customer, with complete information about loading and unloading.
Communicate faster
  • Send PDF documents to your customers and partners, directly from the application.

  • All the information related to orders (customer, location, driver) is available anytime, anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet).
  • Have a full picture of your activity anytime, anywhere: follow -up revenue and expenditure
  • The application can be customized according to your requirements.

Using the ExpertAccounts ERP system for Shipping and Forwarding means profitability, which reflects in a more efficient planning and allocating enterprise's resources.
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