According to a study made in the USA, 33 % of companies went bankrupt because of employee fraud, while 75% of employees have stolen at least one time. In order to prevent these situations, ExpertAccounts developed a system that will help you forget about employee and customer fraud. With expertAccounts, you will remove the possibility of fraud, by having a strict record of your goods and warranty repairs.

Serial Number Tracking (IMEI) and RMA - Return Merchandise Authorization add-on modules are ideal for retail and wholesale of electronics, phones, tablets, computers, appliances, machinery etc.

Serial Number Tracking (IMEI)

A system that allows you to:

Sell in your shop by scanning the IMEI number
Remove customer and employee fraud
Maintain control of goods, repairs and warranties


Strict record of goods
  • Complete tracking by IMEI number
  • Full history of each serial number: location history, who and when operated the transaction, and who was sold to
  • Stock list for items by serial numbers
Protection against fraud
  • Mandatory serial number scanning at any entry or exit from stock - purchase, transfer, invoicing or POS sale

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

For a strict record of serial numbers and warranties:
  Tracking goods' transfer from one branch to another and transfer to/from vendor
  Service sheet management
  Tracking of transfer, repair and replacement of goods in warranty

Online Tracking - Repairs option:
  Your customers can check online the product's service status, and also receive e-mail notifications about the status.
  It can also work separately from the expertAccounts ERP, and it can be integrated in your existing website.

How do the "Serial Number Tracking" and "RMA" modules work in expertAccounts:

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