For Retail or Distribution companies that sell goods in custody from suppliers, ExpertAccounts provides an ERP system that knows how to manage Supplier Consignment - sell consignment stock, with a clear record of consigned stock and un-billed delivery orders.

ERP Supplier Consignment

ERP system for Consignment Sales

Supplier Consignment - supplier bills according to sales

record of consignment stock from supplier
record of consignment sales without supplier invoice
control of consigned stock by tracking un-billed quantities from delivery orders
record of purchase invoice from supplier on partial quantities, from several delivery orders, according to sales


  • Consignment D.O. from supplier and return consigned stock to supplier for unsold goods
  • Record of consignment stock
  • Registration of vendor invoice after the goods are sold
  • Selling your goods and consigned stock, with invoice or cash receipt - through POS (Point of Sale)
  • Each supplier invoice can have a different purchase price for the same position in the D.O.
  • Register differences based on purchase invoices with different purchase price, issued by the supplier, for the sold goods
  • The application allows you to record several successive supplier invoices, for partial amounts, corresponding to a position in the D.O.


Cut costs
  • The application does not require any installation.
  • There is no need to buy hardware equipment, servers and software licenses.
Have control
  • You can view stocks anytime and anywhere, on any PC, laptop or tablet

Multiple billing

  • The system allows invoicing several delivery orders, which is a useful when the company pays only a part of the consigned stock
  • The application allows you to issue purchase invoices from several unbilled delivery orders.
  • When registering invoice from the supplier , trade markup and price differences will be automatically adjusted in accounting.

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