With increasing competition, more and more retailers choose to have an online shop, too.

Why? Because an online shop brings in sales similar to an outlet in a shopping center, but with less costs. Therefore, an online shop plays an important role in the growth and development of retail business.

Also, online retailers open brick-and-mortar shops too, to get closer to their customers.

Webshop integrated with your retail outlet, on the same platform

Shows stock and price information in real time
Orders are automatically taken from the ERP
Multiple price levels for customers with negotiated prices

It can work as:

B2B (Business to Business) platform
B2C (Business to Consumer) platform

Unlike a classic online shop, expertAccounts webshop doesn't require hosting, maintenance and update, everything is automated:
  • all changes related to your offer and prices are made in expertAccounts; then, these will automatically appear on your website.
  • your database with articles' description, features, images and prices is automatically updated from the ERP, with a single click.

Visitor in your e-shop:
  • Searches and selects the desired articles and adds them in the shopping basket.
  • Logs in with username and password, or registers as a new customer
  • Approves his order, and then chooses delivery option and payment method.

More details about how the e-Shop works, as well as functional e-Shops integrated with expertAccounts, HERE.

The Retail POS System

ExpertAccounts.com offers the software part for your POS, which connects your shops with your headquarter, in a modern ”corporate” style of retail:
  • Works on touchscreen, with bar code scanner and cash receipt printing
  • Promotion catalogs by shop type and period of validity
  • Price rules, including promotions type “N+1 free”.
  • Registers cashier’s and vendor’s name, at each POS sale
  • Allows multiple, configurable payment
  • Works both online and offline – ideal for multiple shops (retail chain)
  • Natively integrated with the loyalty card system
  • Provides multiple reports analysis
  • Provides an advanced system for internal fraud prevention

In order to maximize your sales, having an optimal stock, so that your customers can always buy what they are looking for from your shops, is a key factor that can ensure success in the retail market. ExpertAccounts developed a complete system, that ensures an increased efficiency of retail business: electronics, clothing, food and pharmaceutical industries. The system can be used both for organizing and coordinating with a central warehouse as well as for Retail outlets that receive items directly from suppliers.

ExpertAccounts is a tool that improves efficiency at every level:

  • control of everyday activities, in order to make the best decisions, in real time
  • real-time communication: once data was entered, it becomes available to all users that have access

Retail Chain Logistics

Set the minimum stock level by shop type
Track your missing items during transit, until the reason and person responsible are identified
Automatically generate branch transfer orders and purchase orders
Save time and money


Inventory stock optimization
  • For every item, the system automatically calculates the quantity that has to be ordered in every shop, based on both sales and optimal stock level.
  • You can control and plan your stocks.

Shop re-order automation
  • Automatically generates branch transfer orders and purchase orders, based on optimal stock.
  • Automatically generates purchase invoices and supplier delivery orders, based on orders.
  • Based on the Transfer Delivery Order, the stock keeper will be able to specify if there are any missing items at the confirmation.
  • Staff in charge with purchases and stock replenishment has the tool that implies what needs to be done.

Identify fraud
  • Provides you the full picture of the items' route: staff in charge with delivery, driver's name, person who confirmed the receipt, date and time of delivery and of purchase invoice.
  • So, you have all the necessary information to identify exactly WHERE and WHEN the loss occurred and WHO is responsible.

Shop re-order automation:

  • First, the shop manager submits online the "POS Order". It can be manually introduced, or generated automatically based on the sales forecast.
  • At headquarters, the delivery note is generated for each shop, based on the pending POS orders.
  • During the transport, the goods are tracked for each route until they are received at the destination.
  • Delivery Note Receipt in the shop: the shop manager will check the quantities of goods, and submit the validation as an electronic signature. The Entry Note is automatically generated.

How does the Retail Chain Logistics module work in expertAccounts ?

In this tutorial you can see how the Retail Chain Logistics module works in expertAccounts.

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