We were looking for a comprehensive service logistics system to manage the inventory and status (good or defective) of computer parts which are dispatched to our field service engineers daily, 24*7, throughout the whole of Malaysia. We provide logistic services to corporate clients from IT&C and Oil & Gas sectors.
We use a customized Expert Accounts solution, a dedicated application on a private cloud which ultimately serves our extensive requirements for an end-to-end functionality of managing and tracking parts inventory, locations and custodians. We have over 12 storage drop points/centers nationwide, and using the intuitive Expert system online we have a fast and real time overview.
Now, we evolved to use Expert in other subsidiaries in countries such as Singapore and India and other clients as well.
The stability of the system truly serves our daily needs and we had had minimum disruption over the past years.
Steven Lum, Manager - Getronics Bhd. , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Before using Expert, I had to ask my staff for any report. My requests were always "in progress", until no longer relevant, sometimes. After we switched to Expert, my clerks can complete their tasks in less than half time than before. Now I can directly get my reports and view the work progress from my iPad, and maybe this also contributes to their efficiency.
May Su, Owner - MVM Home Entertainment Sdn Bhd. , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
With Expert Accounts I can directly control my business. Before this, my business vital information was managed by my staff and I depended on them to access it. My clerks were not so willing to share the information between them, each tried to secure their position in the company, to depend on them. Now I can see how useful it is to have all information in one place and be able to control all my clerks work.
Bratt Pua, Manager - Digital Masterdisk Tehnologies Sdn.Bhd. , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Distribution to large supermarkets has a lot of challenges: tracking everything by customer branch (SO, DO, collections), using data from B2B, tracking returns etc. Beside this, different supermarkets have different business procedures regarding delivery and payment.
This business can be quite complex, but for us Expert Accounts made it very easy.
Mike Vaswani, Manager - Massive Worldwide Sdn Bhd , Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
About expertAccounts I only have words of praise. First, is a Web application that makes it fantastically easy for us.
In our field, IT&C, is very important to have mobility, that this system offers, the application can run both on the notebook and the iPads. We have the reports easy to use and cover our requirements. We made ​​a good choice.
Crinu Bitir, Manager - Insight Group , Timisoara , Romania
Before using Expert, we used to manually generate invoices, leading to errors in inventory. The reports were not on time and accurate and made ​​me spend much time in administrative matters instead to use it for business development.
Now our e-commerce website www.FunGadgets.ro is integrated with expertAccounts and with one click, it generates invoices and I get all the reports instantly. Accounting is now correct and updated in real time . With the help of expertAccounts, I regained control of cash flow, management and accounting as a whole and the best part: all you need is an internet connection and a browser.
I gained an enormous amount of time I can dedicate to the business instead of administrative.
Valentin Haicu, Manager General - FunGadgets.ro , Bucuresti , Romania